Bataille Logistics is a freight forwarding company founded in 2018. We aim at offering great service in taking care of your goods by road, sea & air.

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Bataille Logistics is established as a freight forwarding company plus communément appelé « transitaire international » since 2018.

the company consists of a strong and dynamic team, with more than 10 years of experience among companies such as freight forwarders, trucking companies, shipping lines & warehouse facilities.

La société Bataille Logistics offers ses international transport services (by sea, air, rail & road), logistics solutions (warehousing, handling, picking, stuffing/unstuffing ...) and administrative procedures (customs clearance, insurance coverage, bills of lading ...).

Based in Dunkirk, France's third-ranking port

Bataille Logistics is based in Dunkirk, France's third-ranking port, well known as a port handling heavy bulk cargoes for its numerous industrial installations. It has also built its reputation in other sectors such as cross-Channel Ro-Ro traffic to Great Britain, containers, fruit, etc.

Le Dunkirk port is also classified as the 7th port of the North Europe Range which extends from Le Havre to Hamburg, it is also France's leading port for ore and coal imports; France's leading port for containerised fruit imports; France's leading port for copper imports; and France's second-ranking port for trade with Great Britain.

Main focus : Customer Service

At Bataille Logistics, customer service has always been the prime concern and a great motivator in the creation of the company. Indeed, we sadly notice the degradation of customer service over the past few years in our sector.
That's why we decided to put back customer service as our top priority by doing differently.
The company offers a tailor-made service to each and every customer, responsive and proactive, available 24/7. Our prime concern at the beginning naturally became a corporate culture.

Let's be partners

Our goal is to assist you with your international expansion by finding you the most appropriate solutions.

Our network consists in freight forwarders that reflect who we are, with same customer service care who are highly skilled partners. We selected them with great attention and with whom we have great relationships.


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