For the safety of your goods

Take out transport insurance assures you peace and security.

Whether it is by road, sea or air, transport of goods is never without risks. That's why Bataille Logistics can offer tailored solutions to your needs in terms of transport insurance..

What are the most common risks you can face during transport ?

It is important to know that goods are exposed to two kind of risks:

Traditional risks such as:

  • accidents
  • fires
  • transport occurrences like piracy, humidity, breakage or loss ...
  • Damage (breakages, wet ...)
  • General average
  • Jettison
  • Theft / missing / disappearance
  • Mismanagement
  • Navigation
  • Unstuffing mistake
  • Damages caused during stuffing/unstuffing operations
  • Wrong destination
  • Machine smashing

Extraordinary risks such as: 

  • strikes
  • riots
  • war
  • terrorism

How to take out a transport insurance ?

We work with experts, insurance brokers, specialized in transport, logistics and business risks fields.

We offer you road, marine & air insurance but we naturally cover any door to door transport, covering risks regardless the mode of transport used, offering insurance coverage on goods & means of transport.

Be aware thatinsurance coverage remains optional but highly recommended as nothing is risk-free in international transport.


Don't want to take a chance to put your goods at risks during transport ? We got you covered ! Feel free to contact us anytime by email or by phone

Looking for a cost-effective solution that cares about environment ?

Enquire about multimodal transport, the right ecological solution for any international transport..