For the transportation of your oversized goods

A road transport for an abnormal load, it is possible with Bataille Logistics

Bataille Logistics offers you the possibility to transport your hors normes en oversized loads:

- Excessive length

- Excessive width

- Excessive height

- Heavy loads


Furthermore, our solutions oversized loads are available across Europe, with a high quality service and respectful of the regulations.

Les 3 catégories des convois exceptionnels
Category Length (in meters) width (in meters) Weight (in tons)
1st Category L ≤ 20m w < 3m W ≤ 48t
2nd Category 20m < L ≤ 25m 3m < w ≤ 4m 48t < W ≤ 72t
3rd Category L > 25m w > 4m W > 72t

The best customer service

Finally, choosing Bataille Logisticsis to make sure of having the best rates while respecting the delivery delay. Also, we take care of all the required paperworks needed for oversized transports.
We also stay available at any time, for all questions until the delivery of the goods.

We regularly transport building machinery from and to France, Belgium, UK, Ireland, Spain, Germany or also Poland, Lithuania, Austria...

Have you thought about covering your goods during transport?

Bataille Logistics makes sure to help you in your administrative formalities which are mandatory for any freight transport..