The most commonly used logistics solution.

We also offer transport CROSS TRADE solutions to & from anywhere in the world thanks to our global network.

A logistics environmental solution

It might be worth using several mode of transportation for a same expedition.
Le multimodal transport allows to combine at least two different means of transportation:

  • Un Rail /Road
  • Un Seafreight / Road for example

Goods in multimodal transport are mostly stuffed into containers and enable a destination to be reached through several modes of transport without having to undergo costly handling operations while reducing transit time between two transports.

Le multimodal transport optimizes costs while having an impact on the environment..

Bataille Logistics is commited to reduce the CO2 emissions  which is a true stake in our profession.

The multimodal transport, a necessary choice during an international transport

It is obvious that multimodal transport is inevitable if the distance of your merchandise from point A to point B is long.
In fact, this transportation mode turns out to be an advantage while using rail or barge because it offers loading capacities much higher than road transport only.

Bataille Logistics is commited to optimize costs, delays and security of your goods if you decide to choose this mean of transport.

Example of a multimodal transport

For a France - Mexico transportation:

  • Step 1: Road

    Warehouse in Lyon - Lyon Terminal Rail
  • Step 2: Rail

    Lyon Terminal Rail- Antwerp Port Terminal, Belgium
  • Step 3: Seafreight

    Antwerp Port- Altamira Port, Mexico
  • Step 4: Road

    Altamira Port- Guadalajara Warehouse, Mexico

End of France - Mexico transportation

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