An administrative requirement

Both at import & export, we take care of all the paperworks

Vos Customs formalities are mandatory if you plan to import or export any goods to/from third countries.
As your international expert, Bataille Logistics can take care of your customs declaration which will be needed for any logistics operation both at import & export.

Formalities duly filled = peace of mind

It is essential to get your customs declaration filled by an expert with good knowledge of the procedures.
That will make you feel more secure while your goods can transit to their destination hassle free, avoiding any misdeclaration and issues during customs formalities process..
Getting your goods seized by customs can cost you a lot of money in storage, penalties ... delaying significantly cargo's departure or delivery.


Atexport, we gather all paperworks in order to issue customs document DAU. Also, we can file temporary export declaration if needed, as well as transit document.
We can also clear customs declarations issued by shippers, issue additional documents such as EUR1 for exports to countries with mutual agreements with EU.


Atimport, we handle import formalities, whether it is temporary or final.
We also assist customs in case of cargo check, phyto inspection and DVCE issuance for perishable goods. DVCE pour les produits périssables.

We handle Customs formalities from any seaport or airport in France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany & UK.

Quality Service & Attentive to customer's needs

To make you feel comfortable, our team will discuss and identify with you under what customs code your product is and what is the regulation for it.
It will ease the paperworks process with customs services by making sure no mistakes have been made and formalities done by the book.
As part of our customer service focus, we want to bring guidance to our clients and facilitate them this arduous process.

Need solutions for oversized cargo ?

Bataille Logistics will find you the best solutions and carry all your oversized loads.